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This big hunk o' love has allergies and an ACL tear. He needs comprehensive allergy tests and ACL surgery to get him ready for his new home.

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It's been an amazing weekend and we have already exceeded our goal but let's keep it going through NOON tomorrow! Let's go the next mile to bring our vet bills down to zero and give a fresh start to our new intakes.

Our Facebook page will feature great stories throughout the weekend of Bulldogs we have helped and those that still need our support. We invite our alumni adopters to share their stories and photos on these posts.

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Third Prize


Crowley came to us with orthopedic issues which we have been treating through physical therapy since he entered our program. He is a love bug with a big personality and needs a strong and loving handler in his new forever home.

Second Prize


Bella is a cute 3 year old bully. She's healthy except she has epilepsy and needs to get medication twice daily at the same time every day. She is regulated with her epilepsy and needs an understanding home that can accommodate her medical needs.


Our Penny came to us with many neglected skin issues. She has made major progress in recovering from Demodex but she is also a candidate for allergy testing so we can help her eventual adoptive family select an optimal diet and create an environment where she will thrive.

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