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About Our Adoption Radius

We are an all volunteer organization and our adoption process involves extensive interaction between applicants and our volunteers. Once we receive your online application, our volunteers will be interacting with you to complete a phone interview and possibly a home visit to meet one of our bulldogs that might be suited for your home.

Our Estimated Application Processing Times shown above are general guidelines and can vary greatly depending on the availability of our volunteers and your availability to meet with them to complete our required qualification steps. We ask for your patience once you have applied. Please understand that these time frames are to move to our "ready to adopt" status and matching the best bulldog for your home might take longer.

We regret that adoptaBull English Bulldog Rescue is unable to adopt outside of the area shown in the map above since we do not have volunteers beyond this territory that can complete our required our required on-site interaction in your home.

We are part of the Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network (www.rescuebulldogs.org) and would be happy to work with you to locate one of our sister groups closer to you if you are outside of our area.

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