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adoptaBull prides itself in its extraordinary resources to assist all current and potential bulldog owners with providing the care essentials for this extraordinary breed.

Whether or not you adopt a rescue bulldog from us or another group or if you own or intend to purchase a bulldog from a breeder, our resource library provides current and relevant information for all bulldog owners.

If you have a tip, hint, article or great website you would like to share with other bulldog owners, please send it to us though our Facebook site or email us at

All Pets Hospital is a full-service hospital serving the veterinary needs of Lockport and the greater Chicagoland area. Their professional staff and new facility allow them to provide a distinctly higher level of pet health services. They pride themselves on providing friendly and professional service to their clients and compassionate care for their patients.

Paul Navin, DVM, founded All Pets Hospital in 1993 and has over 30 years of clinical veterinary experience. Dr. Navin in addition to general veterinary practice and surgery is also a distinguished English Bulldog specialist. Working with Dr. Navin are Dr. Matthew Harres and Dr. Heather Spiewak who are staff veterinarians of the All Pets Hospital.

Pet Rescue RX is an online veterinary pharmacy offering thousands of prescription and non-prescription medicines and other pet products. But this online pharmacy is very different- all of the net profits go back into funding rescue efforts.

adoptaBull English Bulldog Rescue is a registered shelter participant that you can designate to receive the "give back" portion of your purchase.

This is the "happening" spot for everything English Bulldog and registration is free!

At English Bulldog News you will find discussion forums, community events, articles, blogs, contests, auctions and even adoptable bulldogs across the country.

Resource library

Learn more about the 5 star and no star food on your pet store's shelves.

A great resource for deciding on the best food for your bulldog. You can also email us at for additional guidance.

All Pets Hospital, LTD

We take our education role seriously

Bulldog Club of America

(855) 385-5111

The Bulldog Club of America (BCA) is the national breeder association. In addition to setting judging and breed standard, the BCA provides important educational information about English Bulldogs.

Their site provides great information to help you decide if an English Bulldog is the right breed for you. This site offer invaluable veterinary information as well as information on recommended breeders nationwide.

BullyNet National Breeder List

Dr. Toby's Bulldog Care Tips

Pet Rescue RX

We hope that your first choice will be to open your home to a rescue English Bulldog.

Giving a bulldog a second chance at a wonderful life is an experience like no other.

We realize that rescue may not work for every family so, if you plan to purchase an English Bulldog, please select a reputable Bulldog Club of America breeder. Please do not purchase your bulldog from a pet store. Virtually all pet stores obtain their dogs from mass, commercial breeders (puppy mills).

The BullyNet list is provided as guidance only and you should thoroughly evaluate each breeder you are considering. adoptaBull makes no warranties or assurances of the pet quality or business practices of any breeder on the list.

Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network

Dog Food Advisor

Are you not finding the perfect solution for your bulldog's diet needs and allergies and eating disorders continue?? Your Pet Chef might be your answer.

Lisa Hennessey of Your Pet Chef will create a custom raw menu for your bulldog tailored to any know allergies or issues and deliver your pet's meals to your home if you live in Chicago and surrounding suburbs (please email Your Pet Chef to determine if you are in their delivery radius).

Raw diets involve extra sanitary precautions for preparation, feeding and cleanup and are not for everyone. If you are up for the extra step, we strongly raw diets for selected conditons. Several of our volunteers use Your Pet Chef diets and love them.

Contact Lisa at Your Pet Chef for a personal consultation.

Get great tips for your bulldog's overall health and welfare from our English Bulldog professional experts and our friends and family.

We regularly post health and general care tips on our Facebook page (adoptabullenglishbulldogrescue) but think of this area of our website as your bulldog care library.

If you have a great health care tip or personal experience with a bulldog health or maintenance issue you would like to share, please send it to us at

The Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network (BCARN) is the rescue affiliate of the national breeder association-The Bulldog Club of America.

BCARN is a national, all-volunteer network of individuals across the country that practice the "best standard" for English Bulldog rescue and adoption.

adoptaBull English Bulldog Rescue is pleased to have four BCARN members as part of our organization.

If you want to adopt an English Bulldog but are outside of adoptaBull's service area, please be sure to visit the BCARN web site to locate a network volunteer in your area.

With nearly 2,000 members, Chicago English Bulldog Meetup Group's Discussion Board is an excellent way to exchange information and knowledge with bulldog owners from across the globe.

Live in the Chicago area and looking for some fun for you and your bulldog? Chicago English Bulldog Meetup hosts 12 live monthly events plus "extras" throughout the year.

Your Pet Chef